Simon Email Forwarding Signup

Graduates are eligible to continue receiving correspondence through their @Simon email address through the forwarding system. If you are a graduate of the Simon Business School, click the button below to start forwarding your emails to a new address. You must complete this form within 120 days after graduation, which is when your account is normally deleted.

  • This action will eliminate your mailbox (and associated aliases) – you will no longer have access to your @Simon email inbox
  • ALL email in your @simon mailbox will be deleted and is NOT recoverable – Please copy any emails you would like to keep to an external location (e.g. alternate email, desktop, cloud service, etc.)
  • This service will pass all emails sent only to your @Simon email to an alternative email of your choosing – NOTE you cannot select a Rochester domain email (ex:, @*, email as your alternative email.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Simon IT Help Desk at or 585-275-4407.

MS Extenders: please do not complete this form until your internship is complete.

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