Select Media Coverage for Robert Novy-Marx
Assistant Professor of Finance
Simon Graduate School of Business
University of Rochester

Congressional testimony (main testimony comes about 11 minutes in)


The Economist (Print Edition)

A trillion here, $500 billion there

15 October 2011

Wrong number

30 June 2011

A gold-plated burden

14 October 2010

Can pay, won't pay

17 June 2010

Unsatisfactory state

9 July 2009


The Wall Street Journal

The Local Government Pension Squeeze

27 June 2011

N.J. Deal Could Save Billions

17 June 2011

Reports of Looming Municipal Defaults Are Overstated, Study Says

21 January 2011

The 'Build America' Debt Bomb

22 November 2010

The Government Pay Boom

26 March 2010

Public Pensions Cook the Books

6 July 2009


The New York Times

Public Unions Take On Boss to Win Big Pensions

22 June 2011

Accounting For Public Pensions

10 December 2010

Mounting Debts by States Stoke Fears of Crisis

4 December 2010

Analysis of California Pensions Finds Half-Trillion-Dollar Gap

6 April 2010

State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage

30 March 2010


The Financial Times

Time to tighten rules on US pensions

19 February 2012

US public pensions face day of reckoning

31 October 2011

Regions of rancor; America's pensions gap

27 October 2011

US households face tax rises, says study

22 June 2011

US public pensions face day of reckoning

1 November 2010


Bloomberg / Businessweek

Billion-Dollar Florida Battle Shows Pension Challenge

14 March 2012

Pensions Resist Accounting Rules That Would Magnify Liability

23 November 2011

The People vs. Private Equity

23 November 2011

How to Make States' Public Pension Funds Solvent: Edward Glaeser

5 July 2011

Pension Stress Tests Chicago Area as Retirees Gain on Workers

10 February 2011

New Jersey Rating Cut Shows Pension Gaps May Boost State Risks

10 February 2011

Bloomberg Proposes Pension Cuts for Future NYC Workers

3 February 2011

'Pension Envy' Vexes Underfunded Public Workers: Chris Farrell

21 January 2011

'How Dare You Take My Pension' Heard as Cutbacks Loom

20 October 2010